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3 Fitness Programs to Avoid When Getting Started

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If you are just getting back into fitness after having a baby or starting a program for the first time, you want to avoid these 3 types of fitness programs.

After 19 years of personal training and building effective programs to help women get into the best health of their lives, the most vulnerable time is right when you are getting started.

If you want to join my FREE webinar on “How To Get Strong After Baby…

Passing On Wisdom Not Worry

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What you repeat is what’s remembered and how you consistently show up is how others will remember you.

It’s more important than ever as a mother and role model to have awareness of what you repeatedly say and what energy you bring into each moment because your kids are listening and memorizing it.

Think about what life lessons and life philosophies you are teaching. What practices or habits are y…

What to Eat in 3 Steps with Heather Fleming

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Have you ever felt the battle between what you “want to eat” and what you “should eat”?

If so, you aren’t alone. Almost every person has this battle because we are human! We have emotions, seasonal moods and so much more that affects our appetite and desire for nourishment.

Let’s not put so much pressure on ourselves to eat ONE way all the time! You are a creature of constant change and this ma…

Surviving or Thriving Through Motherhood

I didn’t love being pregnant.

I didn’t feel like myself and everything was more challenging!

Yes, I felt incredibly blessed to be able to experience pregnancy and joyfully anticipated Lucca’s arrival from the moment I found out I was pregnant.

….but a lot of what came with it felt foreign to me.

Everything from shaving my legs to the emotional and mental changes, none of it was expected nor “easy”.

But as women and mothers we know “easy” doesn’t always lead us to true happiness and personal fulfillment.

Of course the physical transformation of pregnancy is what is most v…

The 3 Step “Pep Talk” That Will Change Your Life

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Do you want to know how most successful people stay motivated?
They have a process.
True motivation has to come from within you and it’s not always easy…so you need a process of getting there even when you don’t “feel like it”
It can’t be something you look to acquire from others, you have to develop #selfmotivation skills.
Of course you will get motivation and inspiration from outs…

Managing Motherhood and Career with Kristen Horler

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Get excited to hear from Kristen Horler about managing motherhood and career!
Kristen is a mom, wife, personal trainer and CEO and Founder of Baby Boot Camp. This is a woman who has managed to grow a family and a franchise of Baby Boot Camps across the nation by following a few key habits and practices. She agrees that motherhood is a challenge but has ways of keeping her goals a…

My Life Changing Moment

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This life changing moment is why you know me today
Have you ever had a life changing moment that completely changed who you became and the life you are living?
This happened to me at the age of 32 when I made the choice to listen versus run away.
Take a listen to this episode and if you want to begin your high performance journey, it starts with my FREE 5 day mastery course. 
To learn about my High Performance…

3 Reasons You Should Never Diet Again

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Strict diets and deprivation are the enemy of your long term weight loss goals.
I’m willing to challenge the “diet” industry on this one and share some very important reasons why I would advise you to never blindly trust just any diet book, plan or weight loss system without first understanding these 3 reasons.
Most of the FAD diets, weight loss supplements, pills or powders that promi…

“3 in 30” Start Your Best Year Ever

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Are you ready to crush your dreams?
Take a few minutes to do this “3 in 30” journaling activity to gain massive momentum in the next 30 days.
I’m going to share some of my “3 in 30” goals with you in this episode and walk you through this empowering activity.
There are 10 major areas of your life that you can set small goals in to launch your life in a positive direction.


POPSUGAR: Did I Get Lucky?

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What is “LUCK” anyway?
Does it mean that something happens for you out of sheer chance or random circumstance?
I don’t believe in sheer chance or random circumstance.
I believe that what happens to us and for us in life is the result of being prepared for the opportunity that presents itself.
I believe that a “lucky person” is someone who worked hard to be ready to walk through wh…