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10 Holiday Party Tips….To Stay Slim

It’s DECEMBER…and I know that so many of us are heading into Holiday Party Hell! haha! I say that with the best intentions. We love seeing coworkers outside of work, friends that get together and dance the night away, or family that you only see a few times a year. But these parties start to add up on our calorie count, and weight, right? Everyone gets to work on Monday feeling sluggish, bloated, and regretful of their decisions from the weekend….

Trust me, as a fitness professional who gets invited to the same number of parties but still has to be camera ready and set an example…

Eat This, Not That

Nutrient DENSE vs. Nutrient NUMB (Example List Below)
“Anna, what do you eat?” I hear it all the time. If you are waiting to hear a run down of some superhuman foods you’ve never tried, think again….haha… It’s fun when you realize it’s easier than you think to eat like a trainer! I don’t eat the same boring plain foods everyday. I am a health nut and very particular about what I consume but it’s not the same way a Figure Builder or Body Builder would eat. Don’t worry about getting an 8% body fat composition…

10 Ways to Boost Metabolism!

You all know that a faster metabolism means that you burn more calories each day, even in your sleep! These are 10 ways to boost metabolism!

Best to workout in the morning
Eat breakfast
Drink water (stay hydrated)
Green tea
Eat Spicy Foods (add some red or green chili pepper, chili flakes to your food)
Build muscle, strength training allows your body to burn more calories even after your workouts.
Cardiovascular exercise daily (running, jogging, biking, cycling, etc)
Healthy Snacking (eat smaller meals and have small snacks between meals)
Replace some carbs with Lean Protein. Healthy sourc…

Routine is Boring! Spice it Up!

Everyone needs ways to keep their workouts new and exciting. If you feel as though you’ve hit a plateau or have lost motivation to get up and move then try changing up your routine.

Change your setting! If you’ve been walking on a treadmill everyday, go outside. If you’ve worked out at the same gym every time, attend another gym as a guest.
Attend a class! Local gyms, YMCA’s, and Community Centers have many different physical activity classes. Whether it be kickboxing, step aerobics, mountain biking, or any other physical activity, you may find a new activity you enjoy!
Remember, “workouts” are…

How to lose belly fat?

It’s a simple recipe with tough ingredients!
There is no magic pill or exercise that gets the excess abdominal fat off your midsection. It takes hard work and it takes a combination of the most important ingredients.

CARDIO is key. You must be consistent with your cardio exercise. At least 30 minutes or more each day. The most effective way to tone your midsection with cardio is to RUN HILLS or SPRINTS. If you can’t run, then SWIM! If you can do both, then alternate them and be consistent!
Do CORE exercises every day. You can do them in the morning, night, or before or after a cardio worko…


It’s time to kick it into high gear! Get that sexy bridal body! Whether you are a bride to be, in the wedding party, or waiting for him to pop the big question, it’s time to invest in your fitness! You’re not just getting ready for that one day, you are setting the pace for the rest of your life.
Bridal Bodiez is a premier fitness resource for Brides looking to optimize their fitness before the wedding day and beyond. We are dedicated to educate women on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle through customized workout programs, DVD fitness workouts, nutritional guidelines, and positiv…

Anna’s TRX Move #1

Try the TRX! If you want lean and strong muscles without the bulk this is the device for you! The TRX is my primary strength training equipment because it’s all I need for a full body workout. I hardly use free weights anymore because I can work more muscles at once and get a total body workout with just the TRX!
The TRX uses your bodyweight as your resistance. It’s also known as suspension training because you are holding onto the TRX to fight gravity while building strength in several areas of the body!
Move #1 is the Wide Elbow Row! This exercises works the upper back, shoulders, core, and arms! It’s a…


When was your last tune up? So many people walk around with a hunched back, shoulders rolled forward, and low back tightness. Most have no idea that their poor posture is due to tight muscles such as chest, shoulders, hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes, and many more. Whatever your condition may be, tight muscles in those areas are making it impossible to get better.
WAKE UP PEOPLE! It’s time to stretch. Your body is your daily machine. It gets you to work, runs all day so that you can breathe, eat, and think. Then it works extra hard to exercise, elevate the heart rate, burn calories, and use mus…